this all about indian startups, young entrepreneurs journey including their talks, here you can apply for funding and you will know about how to get funding and startup registration process


you will get best viral videos, trending videos of different fields and talent shows which will entertain you on any time

Arts & Crafts

you will know about 5 minute crafts including some interesting things we can design in our home, learn all basics and techniques about film making, dance, music, drawing, photography, cooking

Events and Compettitions

About Our Team

Mr. Chaduvula Prasanth

Co-Founder & CEO - Youngstar18

Mr. A Viswa Chandan

Co-Founder & CTO - Youngstar18

Mr. Santosh Barghav

Editor - Youngstar18

Mr. Santosh Tummi

Designer - Youngstar18

Mr. Sudheer Babu

Editor - Youngstar18