Why do Startups fail? | Bikash Barai | founder & CEO of iviz

iViZ is the industry’s first cloud-based penetration testing company. Unlike our competition, we provide consultant-grade quality of penetration testing for applications with an on-demand SaaS experience. We guarantee zero false positives with business logic testing and expert validation in an easy and cost-effective manner.

How did the idea for iViZ come about? How did you end up choosing the SaaS model?

While conducting one conventional penetration testing exercise, it dawned on us that even as a security expert; we cannot comprehensively detect all multi-stage attack path possibilities. Especially, once a network is successfully broken into, we tend to become complacent and the mental incentive to find all and every ways to penetrate diminishes.

To overcome this barrier related to basic human instinct, we explored the usage of Artificial Intelligence to simulate all multi stage attack possibilities. A prototype was built & refined over next 9 months and stabilized after testing it in several environments. Thus, the automated penetration testing product was born. This technology is currently under “patent pending” with USPTO (United States Patents & Trademark Office).

After successful installation of the product in a few client organizations, we realized that it is extremely difficult for an organization to hire good security persons and it is more difficult to retain them and hence they don’t have enough people to run the tool.

We felt that a penetration testing which can be done anytime, anywhere and anyhow is the need of the day. We decided to leave the software approach and adopted the emerging Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. Thus, the world’s first On Demand Penetration Testing was born!